Fashion Guide: Special Edition - Marilyn Monroe


Happy Wednesday gals! Today we will go the fashion route in pursuit of Marilyn Monroe's classic style that still holds true today. Marilyn's way of dressing went beyond being trendy, it was all about being comfortable and confident in what you were wearing while still being fashionable. I think we all have her to thank for that fashion lesson. Yes, trends are amazing - they bring oomph to our everyday fashion choices, but what is really important is achieving style that like hers is everlasting.

I picked four of my favorite looks that are truly very easy to pull off today. First off, we have this amazingly structured but feminine look. It is one of the looks from the movie Niagara (1953) and it is perfect for wearing to the office, to special meetings or any daytime event where you might need to look polished. What is great about this look is that the color scheme is classic but it is enhanced by the polished pencil skirt and with the structured jacket in a beautiful red that not only brings a pop of color to the outfit, but it makes it a statement piece.

The jacket here is a little bit pricey, it is custom made after all, but if you are not willing to pay the price (wink, wink!) then here is a less pricey option!

Plus Size Crop Ponte Jacket City Chic

This second look is from Niagara as well – I just love her wardrobe in that film! This dress is so casually sexy (yes, I made that a thing). It is a very simple dress but the off the shoulders cut and the keyhole design of the top makes it flirty. As Marilyn herself said " ". You can wear it to date night, drinks, night out with the girls – hey even in the daytime for lunch or brunch!

This dress is a little too much for the pocket, but it is as exact a replica as you will find! It also comes comes in black, red and turquoise! Also, there is another similar dress for the same price!

Pinup Couture Erin Dress in Berry Plus Size Pinup Girl Clothing

The third look is from another one of my favorite Marilyn movies, Something's Got To Give (1962). Although she didn't finish the film, it is a good story, script and performance. Another thing I love about this film is that you start to see the transition from the 1950's to the 1960's through the change in hairstyles, make up and clothing choices. I truly love when you can see that through film.

This dress is custom made as well, so the price is a little high, but here is a more affordable option!

Fifth Park Bullet Sheath In Floral

This fourth and final look is one I love, because it is a version of a casually "dressed-down" Marilyn, and only she could manage to achieve making casual wear look fabulous and polished. It is something I struggle with, being casual in the way I dress. If I dress too casual I don't feel like myself so I don't like it. Here is a perfect example for all of us that it can be achieved, and fabulously!   Here is another modern option of the pants!

Simply Be Check Cigarette Pants