Fashion Guide: Tips for Getting Dressed - Holidays

Hi! 2015 is almost gone! Can't even believe it! This means that New Year's Eve parties are about to start and maybe you don't know what to wear yet! That is some stressful issue right there, and that is why I got you with these Tips for Getting Dressed for Special Occasions.

As you may know, in October of this year I began writing and styling for the local Plus Size digital feature called Be PlusMagazine, and for their Holiday issue I wrote and styled this column withthe Be Plus Team and with DeLarge. The article is is Spanish, so for those who don't speak/read it I have made a translation below:

The Holidays are near and with them the stress of finding what to wear, and how to style it, for these get togethers. The stress can be so excruciating that it can prevent us from enjoying them and from spending time with our loved ones as intended. That is unacceptable, so that is why I'm sharing some tips on getting dressed these holiday festivities.

1. Follow the Dress Code

This is a very important tip, because of respect and social decorum, but it also benefits you because it helps you narrow down your options and to not look out of place.

2. Fit

This is a fundamental tip! A lot of times when something doesn't look good on us it's because it's not the right size or it hasn't been tailored. It is important for clothes to be the right size and have the right fit because they are your canvas, your base so that you can then accessorize accordingly.

3. Proportion

Creating balance is another key tip. To complete the look you have to accessorize in proportion. This means that if your outfit is attention-getting or voluminous, you have to go minimalist with the accessories. If you wear something simple and sleek then you have to create volume and attention with your accessories.

Now, don't miss out on the outfits so click on the magazine!


Note: The jewelry was made by me for the shoot. If you are interested in any of the pieces, they are one of a kind, so get yours quick! Email me for details!

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