What to Wear - NYE

New Year's Eve is right around the corner and one of the best parts, besides the ringing in the new year and the champagne, is the leading up to it - specially the outfit! If you still have no idea what to wear this NYE here are some of the top trends for an outfit that will have you ready to yell "Bring it on 2015!" when the clock strikes 12. Sequins

Sequins are the on of the two top players this year. It is all about the sparkle but in modern shapes, styles and colors! So, if you are really into being noticed this is the choice for you.


Velvet would be the other top player for this year. It has made a very luxe and glam comeback. The colors and styles range from classic to modern and all carry a touch of sexy and playfulness that makes the looks very chic. So if you are a lover of trends and of demure sexyness, then this is the style for you.


Metallics are always a classic choice for this kind of event, they bring out that refined opulence to the outfit. Having it at play more and more throughout the latest seasons have kept it relevant but not overdone so it is still a great choice for an outfit. So if you like classic style with an evened out sparkle, this is a great choice for you.


Black is the foundation of modern fashion, never out of style and always necessary. It is versatile and just as attention grabbing as any of its sparkly aforementioned counterparts. All you need is the right accessories and attitude and you are set! So if classic styles are your canvas, then bring out your personal touch with these.

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