The Fashion Guide: Tips for Getting Dressed

10924785_613863048757025_3749713446718141967_n Welcome to The Fashion Guide Fridays! I have been looking forward to starting this post series for quite some time now.

We will start by tackling tips for getting dressed. This is a very basic and essential guide in terms of fashion. Why? Well, because it is one of the things a lot of us struggle with and therefore become the things that turn off, that scare people off from fashion. Once you understand and master it, fashion becomes more appealing and enjoyable. Then you can really start to play with it make it your own. Now, enough with the babbling, let's get started!

Getting Dressed

This is something that is quite tedious if you don't know where to start, so here are some very easy and totally doable tricks to master the art of getting dressed:

  • If mornings are very busy for you, you can lighten the load by simply planning ahead. You can plan a week head-start by picking the outfits for the week over the weekend. Take advantage of you free time and browse around magazines, social media and the net for inspiration. This, together with what you have in your closet, will  make it easier for you to pop out those outfits for the week. You can also do it the night before if you're not ready for the long time commitment of planning a week ahead, and you can still apply the same principles.


  • Recently this was referenced on Who What Wear, but it is something I've been doing most my life (and also confirms why I think Olivia Palermo and I are long lost fashion sisters): build your outfit around your accessories. In other words, accessorize first. Sometimes I get obsessed with a necklace or a pair of shoes that I just need to wear until I find the next it item to obsess over, so I go through my closet's offerings and then build my outfit accordingly. This is a great exercise in fashion overall as well, it helps you think outside the box and to not be confined to a certain process all the time for everything, this way no matter what is thrown your way you can hit back fashionably.

  •  Experiment with your look. Break out of the ordinary. I don't mean go crazy trying extravagant looks, I'm talking about mixing it up. For example, you work in an office and the dress code is business casual, experiment with fabrics or try a jumpsuit and pair it with a blazer or a dress in a playful style or shape and top it off with one cool accessory! Just be sure that you are not breaking the dress code, there's no need to suffer fashion consequences.

  • Always look in a mirror before heading out. I know this may seem like common sense, but sometimes in the hurried lives we live we forget about little details like this. Especially if it's an outfit you haven't worn before, this has happened to me, where I have this amazing outfit planned out in my head but when I try it on and look in the mirror I thank the mirror gods for their existence. So, yes, although simple it is very important.

Hopefully this is something that makes a positive effect in your approach to dressing from now on!