Fashion Guide: Spring-Summer 2015 Trends

With the beginning of the new year I can't help but think of what new and exciting Spring-Summer 2015 trends fashion will bring. I always find very interesting how fashion evolves and gets re-invented every year. Well, this is a very promising year in that department! Here is the breakdown of what trends to expect this upcoming Spring-Summer 2015 season:

70's Child

This spring brings back the 70's in full blast, from Disco glam to the full bohemian composition of flower child maxi dresses, ruffles, fringe details, flared pants and suede! It makes mixing and matching with vintage pieces a blast!








 Asymmetrical Hemlines

Hemlines styles are abundant this year, but the really headline grabbing style is asymmetrical. From modern and fresh cuts to the simple high-low of the 30's, hemlines are sure to be a detail to look for in your wardrobe.



The 60's Touch

Among all the main 70's throwback you will find a little touch of the 60's. From gingham to head to toe denim to sophisticated siren to mod goddess, a little 60's goes a long way.





Lace Evolution

Lace is pretty much a staple of Spring/Summer, but this time around it's been taken for an interesting spin pairing it with shapes and styles that break it out of the overplayed romanticism it is normally associated with.



Sheer Perfection

Sheer is an interesting detail for the season because it is widely played with, you have your peaks as well as almost the whole picture with it being the center of the garment at times. It is one of those trends than when done right can be well worth the risk.



Travel to the Orient

In all of the coherent line of trends we'd been seeing suddenly you will find a refreshing touch of oriental motifs that will shake it all up. The surprising thing is how well it fits in with the rest of the season's offerings.



Metal Queen

Metallics are back with a vengeance, and am I glad they are. As a lover of sparkle for any time of the year or day I am always excited to see trends like these come into play. I think it makes it much more fun and challenging when creating outfits, it is important for them to push the envelope but still remain coherent for the event you are attending.



In Full Bloom

No matter how avant garde fashion can be, it would never be truly spring without some florals in the mix. This time they will pop out from the fabric leaving the 1-D prints in the past and going with a 3-D textural future.



Lady in Leather

Leather shows up for this upcoming season in feminine and flirty styles that soften it up for the season without losing the badass touch.




To keep things even more interesting we are carrying over the tropical/vacation feeling of resort over to Spring/Summer. We are bringing back the tropical prints in countless of cuts and styles.