Fashion Guide: Wardrobe & Closet like a B.O.S.S. - Basics, Organization, Storage & Staples


10924785_613863048757025_3749713446718141967_n Welcome back to to the Fashion Guide! I have been working very hard on a few projects (including this blog), which is why I have been away for this long, but now I am back with a great post for you. Last week Spring sprung upon us and with every seasonal change we must always do a clean up of our closet and wardrobe to make it more attuned with the season's offerings. This is why I come to you with an easy solution to the season, tips for organizing your closet and your wardrobe, and they work all year round.

Let's start!


There three basic key rules to keep in mind:

  • Versatility
  • Function
  • Quality

Versatility is picking pieces that will transcend any trend from here until eternity. These bring flexibility to your wardrobe making it a cohesive one because these pieces fill the gaps left by trends. More on these below, under Staples.

Function is choosing pieces that have a purpose. For example, if you are not outdoorsy or into camping, what purpose would boots (e.g. Timberland) have in your wardrobe? Or, if you never wear shorts, why would you have 5 pairs of them in your closet? Avoid any "what ifs" when cleaning your closet or updating your wardrobe.

Finally, quality is about getting the most for your money. Now, I understand that we all aren't millionaires with a never-ending bank account of funds for going shopping for designer clothing only, trust me, I can't afford that either. But, what we can do is the following: buy basics like t-shirts and trendy items at affordable stores and then make a little bit of effort in saving up for items we need to be durable, like coats, versatility pieces and shoes for important occasions (or ones we need to be able to hold until we run them to the ground). That way when something goes out of trend, if it is rundown, it won't hurt your pockets as much. How can you tell good quality from bad quality? To be honest, it is more about construction than it is about labels or price range. Don't let brand names or prices fool you. Sometimes they can have pieces that are not necessarily up to par, and if that is the case, then you are better off buying the affordable piece. Look out for stitching - Is it out of place? Does it look like a three year old with no sewing experience made that stitching?, Check how the garment was put together - Does look, again, like someone without sewing experience just stitched it together crossing their fingers no one would notice?, Feel and observe the fabric - Does it feel like after a few washes it will deteriorate? Does it look cheap? The best trick to buying clothes is to pick those items that look expensive but did not break your piggy bank.


Organization might seem like the hardest part of this, but I promise to make it easy. The first thing to do is do it in steps so you don't get overwhelmed. This always works for me.

  • Purge - Get rid of  anything that does not have a purpose (like I mentioned before) or that does not fit (either too big or too small). This is the main issue with organization, who are you gonna have room for the stuff you really want/need/use if you keep hoarding stuff that no longer has a place in your closet or wardrobe? What should you do with the stuff? You can go the classic route of donating, but if the clothes are in good condition you can sell them on eBay, Amazon or even ThredUp or Poshmark.
  • Divide and Conquer - Organize your closet by "departments". What do I mean? Well, when you are shopping stores make it easier for you by dividing their offerings by department, that way everything has its place and it looks put together and appealing to you so that you are more inclined to purchase things. Apply the same rule to your organizing. Start by organizing your jewelry and accessories, it is smaller stuff so it will be easier to organize, and this way you will hone your organizing skills for when you move up to the "heavier" stuff. Then move on to your shoes and handbags, after that tackle your drawers and then deal with the closet. Now, breathe, you don't have to to it all in one day, you can deal with the smaller stuff first and then the next day tackle the closet. You can make it a task for the weekend, even better - a long weekend, that way you still have a day left for relaxing!


In the case of seasonal clothing, like coats, winter boots or summer dresses, you can put them in storage (meaning plastic boxes in a closet, attic, basement - wherever you have the space. Unless you have a socialite's closet/wardrobe, then you could rent a storage space. You can also but in boxes or bags the clothing you will donate or sell, in order to clear out the space for the items that need it.


Staples, also known as "Wardrobe Capsules", are the pieces that you should always have in your closet. These are the versatile pieces I mentioned before, these will be  not only the base of your wardrobe, but as the pieces that (as I said) fill those gaps that we create when we only buy the "on trend" items. They don't necessarily have to be in neutral colors, if your style is very attention grabbing, you can always use colors and prints, as long as you remember to be careful to make them as "neutral" or versatile as possible.


You can go the classic route, but if you are more into breaking the rules, then you can op for a different structure or fabric.


With LBDs you can play around a little bit more, in this case you can try a more sultry version, not only in shape but in fabric as well. The great thing about leather is that it is always in style.

Dress Pants

With dress pants you can mix it up different ways. You can go daring and do a print in neutral colors or go with a solid color in a jewel tone that you can get a lot of wear out of.

Pencil Skirt

pencil skirt


The skinny fit has become a classic cut for jeans as of late with the boyfriend jean trying to wiggle it self into that classicness, but it is still very much a gutsy choice for many. If you are all for pushing the limits, then make this a wardrobe staple.




Dress Shirt

Even though I have been working in an office enviroment on and off for years, I have never been a dress shirt kind of person. They are my equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress debacle  back in the Aidan days. Why? I can't really pin point exactly but if I were to guess I think it's because it's too restrictive and boring. I like to take the most advantage I can out of fashion, which is why if you are very much like me on this, I would recommend switching to a blouse that can look very professional and put together but at the same time it feels comfortable and fun.

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dressing has evolved a lot over the years, becoming more flexible and playful. This allows you to either go classic with a beautiful simple dress, or to be a little more daring and forward and decide on cuts and silhouettes more modern, like this polished jumper. As you can see the design is  more sophisticated than your everyday jumpsuit making it appropriate for dressing it up.

Summer Dress

The summer dress is very much like the LBD, you can go with classic playfulness or go more sultry and sophisticated. It's all Sex and the City and Gossip Girl's fault. The really upped the came for street style and everyday dressing. The fashion world is your oyster.


The choice of outerwear really depends on where you live and/or travel, which is why I got three examples. The first one is the coat. Recently there has been a very 40's, 50's and 60's influence in dressing, so classic styles are already a step ahead, but to really push it over the courageous cliff you can always go the cape route. Capes are so in due to Olivia Pope's weakness for it, more than for President Grant. Now I am sure you are as allured by its style like us.

If you don't need anything more than a sweater or sweatshirt, then you can certainly upgrade your look  without having to sacrifice fending off freezing. I love this new take on the style, instead of plain old knitting, it is embroidered. So chic.

If like me, the tropics are more your scene, you have become as reliant on cardigans as me. But I think that we need an upgrade, and have since discovered that kimonos (which a re totally in right now) are a great upgrade. The instantly spice up an outfit and isn't as restrictive. If velvet is too much for you, you can definitely go for lace or knits.

Easy, right?! Well, pretty much and totally worth it!

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