#QuieroMiCuerpo Campaign

Con inmensa emoción al fin puedo compartir con ustedes un proyecto muy especial e importante para mí - ¡la campaña #QuieroMiCuerpo! No fué fácil el guardar el proyecto como secreto pero no podía revelarlo hasta que saliera oficialmente la campaña. // With great excitement I can finally share with you a project that is very special and important to me - the #QuieroMiCuerpo (#ILoveMyBody) campaign! It wasn't easy keeping the project a secret but I couldn't share it with you until the campaign was officially launched. 

Esta campaña es bien importante para mi porque representa lo que primordialmente es la misión del blog - más allá de la moda y el estilo se trata de levantar nuestra voz sobre el moviemiento "Body Positive" en Puerto Rico y América Latina. Es hora que nos unamos a romper los mitos que existen sobre las mujeres Plus mientras logramos que la industria de la moda reconozca que somos una comunidad con mucho que ofrecer. Que desde el punto de vista comercial somos un mercado que aún siendo pasado por alto genera alrededor de 18 billones de dólares (y sigue creciendo) para la industria. La industria de moda Plus de Puerto Rico y América Latina es casi inexistente y ya es hora que trabajemos todas como comunidad para cambiar esto. // This campaign is very important to me because it represents the primary mission of the blog - beyond fashion and style it is about raising our voice about the Body Positive movement in Puerto Rico and Latin America. It is time to come together to bust the myths surrounding Plus Size women while we make the fashion industry recognize that we are a community with a lot to offer. That from a market standpoint even though we are overlooked we generate around 18 billion dollars (and growing) for the industry. The Plus Size fashion industry in Puerto Rico and Latin America is almost non-existent  and it is time to work together as a community to change that.

Es por eso que Be Plus Magazine y yo colaboramos para lanzar la campaña de #QuieroMiCuerpo, para te unas a nosotros a ampliar nuestra comunidad que lucha por la aceptación de diversidad de cuerpos y el amor propio. Como parte de la campaña, que además de mi participarán otras bloggers Plus Size de Puerto Rico, se creó también un Instagram challenge que nos ayudará a difundir de una manera interactiva la campaña. El challenge comenzará el primero de julio y durará el mes completo. // This is why Be Plus Magazine and I collaborated to launch this #QuieroMiCuerpo campaign, so you can join us to widen our community that fights for the body diversity acceptance and self love. As part of the campaign, in which other Puerto Rican Plus Size bloggers besides myself will participate, an Instagram challenge was created that will help us spread the campaign in an interactive manner. The challenge will start July 1st and will last all month. 

Ahora, aquí les dejo la traducción a inglés de la entrevista, como también algunas de las fotos de la campaña. Para el resto de las fotos y mis columnas sobre los accessorios de verano, los trajes de baño según tu tipo de cuerpo, los esenciales de tu bolso de playa y las tendnecias claves para este verano, pueden acceder la revista completa a través de www.beplusmag.com. // Now, here is the English translation of the interview, as well as a few pictures from the campaign. For the rest of the campaign pictures and my columns on summer accessories, swimsuits by body type, beach bag essentials and key trends for summer, you can access the complete magazine through www.beplusmag.com.

1. Who is Hilmarie Figueroa and how did “The Curvy Edit” come about?

I have loved fashion since I was a little girl and as a passion I have cultivated and developed

it throughout the years in different aspects. My dream was to  be a designer when I was little, and although it hasn't diminished, I discovered other wonderful and important areas in the 

industry that compliments and magnifies that passion. I have dabbled in Visual Merchandising,

Fashion Styling and also as a Blogger. 


The Curvy Edit came about after many years of doubt and

although I had collaborated with other blogs and had worked something similar (Lookbook.nu),

due to certain disillusions with the local industry and most of all (at that moment) the non-existent

Plus Size niche,  I had separated myself for a while. Then two years ago a model friend of mine

 wrote me about an Editorial Styling project competition , which we made alongside a photographer

friend. While at the shoot I had this epiphany where I asked myself "What happens after this?

What if you don't win?" At that moment I understood that I could not be happy if I didn't pursue

that crazy idea that materialized into what today is the blog, along with other life epiphanies that

I had after that one.  We ended up winning the competition, but everything kind of died right there,

which confirmed to me even more that I had made the right decision. 

2. ¿What are the main topics discussed on “The Curvy Edit”?

It is mainly about fashion, but not just personal style, I like to go beyond that. It is very important

for me to share my knowledge about fashion because even if it seems like it is a simple topic it is

actually a very ample topic, so for people to really learn to dress themselves you have to go beyond

that and explain how things work. From there the Fashion Guide was born, a collection or posts

about specific topics that help readers to understand, create and experiment when getting dressed.

Additionally to fashion, I love baking and experimenting in the kitchen so I created Curvy Cooking

to share my experiences in that area, but I am working right now on some changes that will give a

finishing touch to the blog and take it then to "lifestyle" status as I have envisioned. After all, the

Curvy Edit is made with the intention of being a complete blog for women, who like me, are passionate

about more than one thing. 

3. What does this campaign mean to you? Why do you think it's important?

To me this campaign is something that people have been waiting for and that will change the local and

Latin America plus size industry. For many years we have been discriminated against and treated like

less, we have been told that we don't have value if we don't meet certain standards pre-determined by

society,  we are not deserving of success, love and everything that is good that life can offer. And everything

is because of how we look on the outside, not because of our skills or value as a person, but because we are

not considered "attractive" , which apparently is what should be most important in life to a woman. I always 

think about that JK Rowling quote where si asks if the worst a person could be is fat. This is why for me it is 

very important that we take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word and share with all Puerto Rican 

and Latin American women how essential it is to love yourself so others can then love you, and not just in a

romantic relationship, but in life in general. Why give that power to someone on the outside? Why do we allow

our happiness, worth, success be measured by how we look and by someone that isn't yourself? We have to love

ourselves they way we are. We have to let go of that incorrect notion of beauty in the world. Beauty is objective,

and that is what is so wonderful about that, we all have a place inside it and we all bring something different to

the table. We are all fabulous and capable just as we are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Be Plus Magazine   Edición 11   Verano 2016 by Be Plus Magazine   issuu1.png

4. Do you believe that the plus size market in Latin America is appropriately developed?

Honestly no. The industry in Latin America is still underdeveloped in comparison with

other parts of the world. We still have a lot more to grow and achieve. Incredibly, altough

we are a culture that celebrates curves, there are limits of inclusion as far as fashion goes

and I think that a lot of this is influenced by the standards in the United States and Europe

that favor non-existant curves. Instead of promoting that culture the curve culture we have

promoted the other one and what that has made is keep us from getting options in the plus

size market. 

Somthing I discovered recently is the fact that in other places around the world they are not

aware that we share similar demographics as them, because thay have this perception of how

a Latina is supposed to look and that they are missing out on a very big market. They are 

really not aware of the need in this market that is real and that is something that will help

them as a brand and business in the fashion industry. 


5. What advice would you like to share with the readers of Be Plus Magazine about self-acceptance? 

Do not let ANYONE tell you how you have to live your life, nor let them tell you or make you feel like

you have no value. That is not true. It took me a lot of years of obsession, disorders and unhappiness

to understand this and even more so because I battled it alone, and that is very uphill. Now, it is not

going to happen overnight, but what matters is that you never stop believing in yourself and in what

you are capable of. Eventually you will internalize it to the point that you will understand it as your 

only truth. For me it was until one day I refused to keep thinking that way, I got tired of being

unhappy and of giving that power to others over me. It is a process and a lot of times it is a

battle that you will fight until they day you stop breathing. Some days are better than others,

like everything in life, but the important thing is not losing your north which is being happy 

and free of the empty negativity of the world.

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